How to Measure Caster Stems Exactly? A Complete Guide

Let Enjoying Go tell you how to measure caster stem size easily and exactly

You should set up a note paper. Pursue 4 stages beneath to begin estimating caster stem:

(The model uses Enjoying Go’s caster)

1. Cut a note paper into a slim square shape.

2. Fold the paper over the stem.

3. Imprint the paper at the cover and level the paper on the table.

4. Measure the length to the imprint.

The aftereffect of estimation is 3.14 cm. How about we see the size correspondence:

3.14 cm compares to the width of 10mm

3.454 cm compares to stem width of 11mm

Tips from Enjoy Caster:

The caster stem width of 10mm is the exceptional stem. (generally for some IKEA seat)

The caster stem width of 11mm is all inclusive stem.

On the off chance that you have any inquiry of estimating caster stems, welcome to contact with Enjoying Go! Likewise, welcome to look at Enjoy Caster index for more swivel caster wheels.

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