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• Parents must learn how to protect the children of sexual or physical abuse without being intimidating or confused of the exact details of bad things that can happen (…).
• Children should be sensitized and educated between appropriate an in appropriate behavior of adults and other children (…).
• Parents can teach children the skills of protecting themselves by playing roles accordingly to their age of understanding relevant to the reality of their daily lives.

3. Child protection in roads and transportation – The Ministry of the Interiors Ministry for the Protection of the Child in cooperation with other authorities including transport authorities, schools and hospitals will ensure that the parents are fully aware of the risks and that appropriate (precautionary) measures are being taken to enforce laws to safeguard the safety of children in transportation. The MOI stated possible means to protect the children in the roads, streets and traveling by vehicles.
• Needs to use children’s seats in the cars or buses to avoid injuries and deaths.
• Needs to make transportation system safe for children to avoid physical or sexual abuse.

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