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1.0 Introduction

Moon Star Hotel was founded by a group of two friends named Ali Yeo and Abu Chong, both were aspiring entrepreneurs, hoping to find business in any given opportunity to turn their life around. In their early stages, the friends used to get jobs and worked hard to get high education, to further their chances of getting a better paying job. After a few years of studying, they finally graduated with a Diploma in Hotel Management. They soon devoted their life into the Hotel industry, in hopes of one day, owning one. In 2018, they opened, “Moon Star Hotel”, located in the heart of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, where shopping malls and nightclubs are convenient. Their goal was to provide hospitality at a reasonable price and to be the home of travelers and/or backpackers. They hope to one day be one of the top-of-the-class hotels among the rest, and to win awards and help the tourism industry in Malaysia see a better light.
2.0 Hotel Name and Logo

Moon Star is the name of the hotel. As we know, moon and star are the object that untouchable. The reason why the hotel named Moon Star is because we hope that the hotel can standing firm in this social. We hope that the guest can bear in mind the hotel just like they remember the moon and star.
This is the logo for the hotel. The purpose of opening the hotel is to providing the guest a relaxing environment, comfortable accommodation and enjoyable holiday. Blue color mostly represent the blue sky. So, why blue color chosen is because we want to let the guest The purpose of opening the hotel is to providing the guest a relaxing environment, comfortable accommodation and enjoyable holiday. So, why blue color chosen is because we want to let the guest have a sunny holiday in the hotel. Nowadays, most of the people prefer travelling to the beach like Maldives. So, the trees and flying birds represent that the guest can keep away from the stressful life.

3.0 Hotel’s Uniform

Blue color is chosen as our uniform color because it is same color with the logo. The blue colour represents of ocean, peaceful and relaxes. Our right side of the uniform have our hotel logo name which is Moon Star to let customer know that we are work under Moon Star hotel.

4.0 Organization Chart

5.0 Job Responsibilities
5.1 Front Office Manager
1.Dealing with the guest complaint.
2.Provide training and managing the employee.
3.Make sure the employees project a friendly and warmly hospitality.
4.Ensure the operational activities flow smoothly and efficiently.

5.2 Duty Manager
1.Ensure the hotel flow smoothly and effectively in the absence of the General Manager.
2.Give assistant to receptionist, bell staff, concierge and cashier when they are busy.
3.Motivate the staff.
4.Handling cash and end-of-the day checking.

5.3 Reservation Staff
1.Making reservation for the guest.
2.Gives the information to the hotel about the guest’s information.
3.Try to upsell by offering the additional products and services of the hotel.
4.Must be knowledgeable and be prepared to answer the guest questions.

5.4 Receptionist
1.Greeting the arrival guest.
2.Help the guest to check-in and check-out the room.
3.Work closely with the house keeping department to provide accurate room status.
4.Maintain the cleanliness of the reception area.

5.5 Night auditor
1.Provide a daily summary of financial transactions for the controller.
2.Post room charges and taxes to the guest’s account.
3.Confirm all account postings and balances.
4.Providing information to guests about hotel policies, services and amenities.

5.6 Concierge
1.Answer the guest patiently when they have the question.
2.Must be knowledgeable in order to provide an accurate information to the guest.
3.Ability to perform multiple tasks while catching up with the details of many guests.
4.ensure the customer have everything they need when they stay in the hotel.

5.7 Bell Staff
1.Help the guest to deliver the luggage to their room.
2.Assisting the guest with managing for local activities.
3.Provide room service by sending the food and beverage to the guest’s room.
4. Assist the guest by getting rental car or calling a cab.
6.0 Physical Structure of the hotel’s front office

2. Front Desk
3. Concierge
4. Bell Staff
5. Night Auditor
7.0 Guest Registration Process

Guest registration procedures will happen when the guests come to the hotel stay. The guest requests to check into the hotel. Front desk clerk projects hospitality toward the guest like greet the guest or smile makes the guest feel welcome. Front desk clerk inquired about guest reservation. The front desk clerk asks the guest information and the reservation. Guest completes registration card. The front desk clerks give the registration card to the guest and fill it. Front desk clerk reviews completeness of registration card. The front desk clerk makes sure that the guest haves fill up everything that need to fill in. Front desk clerk verifies credit. The front desk clerks check the credit first then make room selection to the guest. Front desk clerk makes room selection. The guests select the room they want. Front desk clerk makes room assignment. The guest discuss with the front desk clerk about the room price. Front desk clerk discusses sales opportunities for hotel products and services with guest. The front desk clerk use the opportunities make promo to the guest. Lastly, front desk clerk provides room key to the guest.

Guest Check Out Procedure

The guest check out procedures will happen when the guests want to check out the room.
1.The guest requests check out.
2.Desk clerk inquires about quality of products and services.
– The front desk clerk asks the guest feedback about the hotel’s products and services.
3.Guest returns key to desk clerk.
– The guest returns the room key to the front desk clerk.
4.Desk clerk retrieves hard copy of electronic folio.
– The front desk clerk prints out the copy of electronic folio from the computer system.
5.Desk clerk reviews folio for completeness.
– The desk clerk sees the folio for completeness.
6.Guest reviews charges and payments.
– The guest checks the charges and payments listed in the hard copy whether there is the amount charges correct or not.
7.Guest determines method of payment.
– The guest decide want to use cash or credit card to pay for settlement.
8.The guest makes payment.
– The guest pay the amount needed for extra charges or taxes.

8.0 Reservation Form

Guest Registration Form

9.0 Conclusion
In the nutshell, front office plays an important role as it is intermediate to other departments. Front office employees need to be well-trained as they are the front line employee that always face-to-face interaction with the guest. The employees have to bear in mind the skills taught during training program as it needs to perform in the operation. The front office employee’s appearance need to check by time to time because it reflects the image of the hotel.
In the front office department, it is divided into several sub division such as reservation, reception and concierge. Each sub division of the front office department perform their job so that the hotel operational activities can flow effectively and efficiently. So that the guest able to feel welcome when they received the friendly service from the employees. Every department also need to work closely with each other as they are working under the same hotel.
In conclusion, every employee need to perform their job well in order to let the guest presence the hotel again. Employees is the person who help the operation flow continuing. So, it is important for the corporate owner to provide some benefit and reward to the employee in order to reduce the employee turnover.

10.0 Answer the following questions

1.How important is front office to a hotel?

Very important, as it is the heart of a hotel and symbolizes a hotel. Front office is also the first thing a guest will see when they enter a hotel, so front office employees should be ready to show a good first impression as they represent a hotel’s level of service at all times. Front office employees must be able to have good communication skills, well groomed and a good attitude overall to progress with work smoothly.

2.Which department is most important to the success of front office and why?

The department which is most important to the front office is the housekeeping department. This is because of the relationship and relativity that both parties share, there has to be good communication between both parties, housekeeping needs to notify front office management regarding room availability and front office management needs to cooperate with housekeeping department by informing housekeeping if there is a room that needs cleaning and attending-to immediately.

3.How might the front office in a medium sized hotel differ from a large sized hotel?

First of all, the most obvious difference would be that the size of a front office in a medium sized hotel would be smaller, compared to the spaciousness of a front office in a large sized hotel. A front office in a medium sized hotel would need less employees compared to a front office in a large sized hotel. Besides, for me, a hotel in the large scale would need front office workers, slightly more experienced than workers in a medium sized hotel.

4.Compare the duties of a front office manager in a budget hotel and a city center luxury hotel. What commonalities do these front office share? What are the most obvious differences? You may use actual hotels in your assignment.

A front office manager holds many responsibilities and jobs. However, a front office manager in a budget hotel may has a lot of differences compared to a front office manager in a city center luxury hotel. One of which would be that, a front office manager in a budget hotel. Firstly, jobs, a front office manager in a luxury hotel would not have to do everything, because he/she is not the only one at the front office, her may assign jobs to colleagues and fellow workmates, due to luxury hotels having a lot of employees working in a department most of the time. The case is different for a front office manager in a budget hotel, because he/she has to do some jobs that are not even his responsibility most of the time, due to lack of employees under front office, and also limited workspace. Despite the differences they may have, both positions hold the same responsibilities, which is to serve customers with a smile and be friendly to them

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