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Being professionally inviting with others
They are so many ways a teacher can be apply this model more especially to leaners and the way teacher apply this model the teacher end up being a leaners role model leaners get inspired to go into the field for years firstly, being humble there is nothing that teaches a child or young adult mature behaviour like modelling it yourself, showing children what it is like to be wrong and admit it. This is never easy. No matter how old are you especially when you are in front of several students who look up to you. You must show empathy, show sympathy by showing that you care, wanting your leaners to be successful learners are always looking up to their teachers.
Being professionally inviting with oneself:
Encouraging them to think for themselves, treating your learners like a group of individual and celebrate their diversity. Create activities and discussions that foster conversation ad discovery about who they are, and how they can appreciate the trust this will help learners to focus on learning. Be friendly to leaners create a teacher-leaner friendship. Teach yourself new techniques of learning attend workshops learn new things interesting and manage your time. Dressing appropriately, we know how young you can be sometimes no one wants to look uncool and folded I those formal coats and pencil skirts but they must remember that they are in a professional environment their job is not to fit in cool kids but stand at the head of the class and command respect, dressing in an appropriate manner will keep learners from of thinking of you less in respectful way this goes for cleanliness and hygiene as well just make sure you take your job serious when you show up.
Being personal inviting with oneself:
Being personal inviting with oneself means personal growth comes first than professional growth, its means taking care of mental health and making appropriate choices about your life, do some daily exercises maybe after a long day at work , try to relax and minimize work stress visit friend try to catch up for example : maybe if the teacher experience some difficulties with the staff room members behaviour will then maybe exercise or visit a friend talking about it maybe it can release some stress.
Being personal inviting with others:
Without being personal inviting with others the invitational teaching could not exist, this means being concern with others well-being colleagues well-being be committed sometimes take your time talk with students about their out of class, support your leaners by expressing appreciation for student presence in class. Work to encourage to encourage student self-confidence. Sympathise with your leaners or colleagues be sensitive, show respect for leaners be polite to leaners do not be aggressive even if unnecessary and act friendly towards leaners.
Motivating leaners to become the best they can be more especially those with weaker performance , the teacher can structure the tasks to suits abilities and let them experience pride and confidence in having attained a goal through reasonable efforts. Individual progress and improvement should be recognised. Teacher can motivate learners by expressing high expectations on them and build learning and teaching on their success, teachers can avoid behaviour that ignores student’s emotional reaction and hurts their self-esteem. Give rewards to leaners to motivate them to work harder and perform better for example: recognise learners who are better way committed to their work so that they will keep on performing that way.
Teachers must use different learning styles and teaching strategies to achieve the different purpose of learning and to suit the learning styles, abilities, interest and the need of students because there is no rule that regarding which strategy is the best teachers master learning strategies and structures differently , most importantly they need to address the needs of students with different learning styles for example : teachers can use such as audio ,visual, pictorial, graphic representation and text etc.
Teachers can provide learners with opportunities for students to develop their thinking skills through effective questioning. They can also encourage students to express themselves openly and share their work in class and publicly to build up their self¬¬-confident through cooperative learning, for example: peer tutoring and operative learning.

Mr Lavender must try to understand first where the behaviour is coming from are student distressed by their parents’ divorce or some overwhelming experiences , ignore or minimise the minor problems instead of disrupting the class , for an example: ask a question directly to the misbehaving learner to stop misbehaviours , giving the misbehaving leaner a chance to respond . He must encourage leaners to speak out their feeling and concerns, he must also describe misbehaviours and help leaners understand the consequences of misbehaviour. The teacher must also be aware of different cultural differences for example a student who stares at the flour while you speak to him or her would be viewed as defiant in some cultures and respectful in others. Teach students communicating and listening skills, helping and sharing.
Also make sure that students understand that it’s their misbehaviour you dislike not them maybe you can approach a misbehaving learner like for an example: I like you bright but right now your behaviour is unacceptable. Avoid win-lose conflict by emphasizing problem-solving instead of punishment insist leaners that students accept responsibility for their behaviour.
Treat all leaners respectful, polite and equal, be consistence in what you let them say and do. Be careful not to favour certain leaners they must all get equal punishment and rewards, and make sure you don’t always shout at them sometimes this make it worse and you can also become a laugh stock of leaners every time you get mad you shout, take a deep breath and try to remain calm its natural to be overcome with frustration and anger.
Avoid labelling student as good or bad instead describe their behaviour as positive, acceptable, disruptive or unacceptable focus on rewarding acceptable behaviour more than punishing misbehaviours. When it’s necessary to speak to a student about it behaviour try to speak in private.
3.2 According to J. Adair (1993) teachers must act professionally at all times in their relationship with their students which means there is always an inherit power imbalance between teachers and students , professional boundaries are breached when a teacher misuse the power imbalance in such a way that student welfare compromises. He must have emotional boundaries for example: avoid showing preferential treatment to particular student without legimate reasons, have relationship boundaries for example: avoid engaging in flirtatious behaviour with a leaner or express romantic feelings towards a student verbally. He must also have Power boundaries for example: use teacher authority to punish the leaner or rewarding a leaner in a teacher – leaner relationship.
He must also avoid situations which could regard him and a leaner private or personal, where practical’s, he must ensure that there is written consent in advance of one-to-one meeting with a leaner. One-to-one meeting with a leaner are preferably held during normal school hours, although it is recognise that there are some occasions this is not the case but must ensure they are in an open space environment. According to R.M Belbin, (1981) teachers are not into circumstances to engage in act towards the student of romantic or sexual for example: kissing, obscene language, humour of a sexual nature, unwarranted touching etc.

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