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Advocacy Advertising doesn’t necessary use commercial advertising, it considered to support a certain message or cause. As this form of advertising does not promote a service nor product, advocacy advertising is by a non-profit organization by private support group. Examples of advocacy advertising would be political campaigns, private businesses, non-profit fundraising, public opinion, economic or social issues, cancer research, donations, and etc.
The article explains what advocacy advertising looks like and one of the examples they used is a familiar one that many of us notice on television during an election year. During elections either on voting for a state governor or president the commercial may report the negative of why not vote for a governor but to rather vote for the other governor that supposedly sets a positive outcome. This type of advocacy advertising is to set awareness to the viewer, persuading certain sections on partaking a precise action. “The most common focal points of advocacy advertisements include issues regarding: Politics, Economics, Society” (Kelly, 2017).
The difference between advocacy advertising from commercial advertising is that in commercial advertising the product is convincing the public to purchase, but in advocacy advertising its more like a cause, issue, or interest at the primary of the ad.

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