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After the thirteen colonies were established they were divided into different geographical areas. These different areas are New England, Middle, and Southern colonies. Even though these colonies had been divided they still had a lot in common. But, they were also all uniques in their own separate way. They were similar and different in many ways. The areas that made them different were there social, political and economic views.

One area that they were similar, that is significant, is that they were all democrat. The difference is that they were all governed differently. The areas that they were governed differently in is that New England colonies believed that the church controlled the government. The middle believed in both religion and government, but was good at separating the two when it came to politics. The southern believed that the rich and wealthy farm people ran the government.

The economic development was contributed from the positions that the middle and new england colonies were at geographically. For their important works and the making of a certain products to sell benefited them greatly.

The three colonies also had several differences as well economically. The New england colonies majored in the industrial field where they contributed most of their time and work towards fishing, building, and lumbering, The middle colonies as did industrial and fishing but they also did agricultural works. The southern colonies the big issue was slavery.

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