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Another important aspect of attachment is the role of a key person. Their role is to ensure that the child’s care and attention will be tailored to meet their individual needs and so they are included in activity’s at all times. A key person will work close by to the child’s parents and make sure that needs are met at the setting and at home. The key person must work closely with the child’s parents, as this will help build a bond with the child and help the child to open up and trust their key person. The close connection between their home life and their setting will help to child to understand the connection and realise the importance the key person has. Which will evidently help the child feel more settled and comfortable in a setting as they always have someone to turn to. Every child must be assigned a key person in a setting as this helps to monitor the child and make sure that the child is developing in line with the EYFS. If there is, any cause for concern the key person can get in contact with the assigned personal and help the child progress. The close alignment with parents will also help this process, as they will trust the key worker and know that the help suggested is best for the child. The key person shall also work in partnership with other practioners that are set in place by the child’s parents; these could be a speech therapist, social services, SEN or even the staff at a new school if the child is transitioning into mainstream schools.

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