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As the diagram shows, it will be a long process after my law becomes a bill to be made into a functioning statute and the previous steps are much quicker. If my law is able to become a bill it would have already passed through the Green and white paper stages. The title of my Bill will first be read to the House of Commons or House of Lords. This is called the first reading, and acts as a notification of the proposed measure. At the second readings, the proposals are debated fully and can be amended and members will vote on whether the legislation should proceed. My bill is then referred to a specialised committee depending on the topic of the law for a more detailed examination and taking in the points made during previous readings this will allow the committee to think of ways for the statute to be interpreted, during this stage further amendment can be made. Next is the report stage where proposed amendments from the committee are voted on. The third reading involves the bill being re-presented to the house, which will lead to a short debate and a vote on whether to accept or reject the law as it stands. The bill will then go to either the House of Lords or commons, depending on where it started, where it will go through the similar process of three readings. If the other House does alter anything, it will return to the starting House for further agreement eventually the Starting house will return with agreement, disagreements or proposals for alternative changes the law cannot be passed without an agreement from both houses. In almost all cases, agreement between the two houses is eventually reached and my final bill will be presented to the monarch for royal ascent and it must be approved. My statute will have to pass through all of these stages and will find itself possibly being greatly changed from the original proposal as it will need the agreement of many different people and due to being a very controversial matter could be hard and take time to reach a final agreement. When the UK leaves the EU, they will be able to alter the laws they had previously been following due to being in the EU. My secondary law proposal change will be able to be made after Brexit, will go through the same process as the primary law, and will follow the steps in the diagram.

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