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EasyJet’s aims- EasyJet states their purpose “We’re here to connect people across Europe for work and play. We do this by challenging ourselves and our industry to make travel easy and affordable for all. Our unique Orange Spirit defines us and it means we always try to do things in the right way, every day, for our people, our customers, society and the environment.” (
They focus on developing strong positions in Europe’s leading airports, EasyJet is currently at 132 airports in 31 countries with 802 different routes and is still growing. They also have a strong capital base with a market capitalisation of £4 billion and net cash position of £213 million (30th September 2016) EasyJet’s credit ratings are amongst the strongest in the world for an airline. (
EasyJet’s services and products- They offer costumers more affordable fares they do this by having a higher number of seats on board, having a higher load factor, younger fleets and more advantaged fleets and by reducing ownership and maintenance costs. They also offer a course for nervous flyers to help them deal with their phobias of flying starting at £199. Easyjet aspires to offer its business and leisure passengers safe and simple flights to a large amount of European destinations (Easyjet, 2014). To meet these goals, the company operates a large, fleet comprised of 220 Airbus A320 and A319 (ADS Advance, 2014). The airline is one of the safest and most punctual airlines in Europe, and has invested significant amounts of money in boosting the quality of its product. For example, the company is investing in drone and robots that will be used to carry out safety checks on the aircraft, and the airline is working towards the provision of ‘paperless planes’ which it says will improve efficiency (ADS Advance, 2014). It is normal for one-way tickets to cost passengers more than round-trip tickets. Carriers prefer passengers to make return flights because selling tickets in this way builds convenience into their flight scheduling processes. Passengers who purchase one-way flights make it difficult for carriers to set schedules and make staffing decisions (Nair et al, 2013). EasyJet utilises a different business model, which makes it more straightforward for customers to understand the product and use it.

Stakeholders- EasyJet interacts with several stakeholders in its operations such as customers, suppliers, infrastructure owners and operators for example air traffic control, regulators and national governments. (

Environmental responsibility- EasyJet is trying make more efficient use of fuel and to further reduce emissions per passenger kilometre on its flights they do this by using one engine taxiing, by installing lightweight Recaro seats and lastly, they use electronic devices rather than paper documents in the flight deck. (

Ethical responsibility- EasyJet is committed to human rights, in its business and its supply chain. This includes observance of the principles set out by the International Labour Organisation Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. They also have in place several other policies which support the recognised human-rights principles. These are policies on non-discrimination, health and safety, whistleblowing and anti-bribery and corruption. Also, they are committed to gender equality, they established their Amy Johnson Initiative in 2015 to encourage more women to consider a career as a pilot. Lastly, they work with trade unions in the eight countries where their employees are based, as well as through national and European Works Councils. (

How does EasyJet interrelate with other component industries? EasyJet interrelates with other industries such as other transport by providing shuttle service, taxis as a cheaper cost, train tickets and a bus service. They also interrelate with airports to make sure costumers are on the correct flights at the correct time they do this by having check in counters and staff available if needed for assistance. They also work with banks offering a prepaid card meaning your money can be transferred into euros to use on the aircraft or at your destination. Lastly, they work with for hotels they have 410 properties in Belfast alone, this is done to get better deals for people who fly with them which is important because it saves money for the costumer as well as being less time-consuming meaning that they will book with EasyJet again. Information sourced from

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