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Effects of Internet Addiction on Relationships Students Name Institution Affiliation Date Since the introduction of the internet, most people have indulged themselves into its services. Some of them use it for business while other use it for leisure. All users are at a risk of getting addicted to internet use. This refers to internet addiction. It is over-indulgence into internet use to an extent one cannot perform his or he activities normally. This one of the challenges associated with Internet use. Most people spent their day using the internet. This has resulted in internet addiction. One of the causes of internet addiction is the availability of almost everything on the internet. The internet has, education staff, news and entertainment contents. This implies people switch from one site to another depending on their needs. Another cause is leisure. In the past before the introduction of the Internet, people used to engage in physical activities as a form of leisure. For instance, they would play football in their leisure time. However, this is not the case today as most people spend their leisure time on the internet. This results in internet addiction. Internet addiction is associated with a number of negatives effects on the way an individual related to others. In this paper, we will look at some of the effects of internet use on social life. Humans are social beings. They, therefore, need a platform for socializing with one another despite their geographical locations. Such platform is the Internet that in the recent past and even today has been able to connect individuals across the globe hence making the world a global village. Easy access to the internet has made platforms such as social networking sites readily available to everyone. Such networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. Moreover, there is another platform that has not been popular. Such include, Viber, LinkedIn, WeChat and Weibo. The Internet also has other addictive services line video games and celebrity gossip sites. These mostly affect children and the youth. The platforms, however, differ from one another in terms of their functionalities. For instance, some media platforms deal mostly with massaging while others are used for sharing videos and images. The sharing of information as facilitated by the Internet has enabled people from different parts of the world to keep in touch with each other. Today, the Internet, especially social networking sites are used by people from all age groups ranging from kids to adults (Block, 2008)). Each of them uses the social media for various reasons with respect to their needs. It should be noted that most of them use the social media for entertainment and for communicating with their families and friends. Nevertheless, the Internet is also by companies, organizations and other institutions for communications and advertisement of the goods and services they offer with the aim of maximizing their sales and therefore profits in todays competitive markets. Due to the fact that most sites available on the Internet do not have age restrictions, children have taken the advantage and indulged themselves into excess Internet usage results into a lot of time wastage (Madden et al., 86). Statistics show that many teenagers have access to the social media platforms. In the United States of America, 75 of the teenagers possess smartphones which in turn facilitates their Internet usage which results in internet addiction. In addition, the research reports indicate that 76 of teenagers have access to at least one social media site and 70 use more than one. Moreover, the statistics indicated that most US kids within the age bracket of 8 to 18 years spend at least one hour the internet in a day (Young, 2004). Through this usage, they have exposed themselves to risks associated with Internet use. For instance, the kids share very sensitive information about themselves such their full names, location, school and clubs to strangers they meet on the internet. The information shared could be used by strangers to causing harm to the kids. For example, the kid can be harmed either through physical torture when they meet with the strangers in person or through abuse and brainwashing which will lead to anxiety and depression. Excess use of internet services results in loss of sleep. Individuals lose most of their sleep time while accessing the media with the notion of not missing out on some trends that are circulating on the internet. This is because they want to exercise the sense of belonging to each other as influenced by the peer pressure. It should be noted that enough sleep is an essential activity in life as it has some health benefits to an individual such as proper brain development. Inadequate sleep in teenagers leads to depression and anxiety which in turn leads to loss of self-esteem such people have problems when socializing with their friends and family. It is important that internet users balance their time properly to avoid sleeping fewer hours. Another notable effect of Internet addiction use by the teenagers is cyber-bullying. Even adults suffer from cyber-bullying. In the recent past, the issue has become prominent due to the fact that most media users are anonymous. Different users do not use their real names in the media hence making it easier for fraudulent users abusing others without their identity being known. In this case, one may conceal their identity by using unofficial names to hurl insults to their friend when they differ with them in some aspects of life. Cyberbullying results in psychological challenges such as low-self-esteem and depression. Weak persons can be emotionally damaged by cyber-bullying. Emotionally destroyed people tend to lose touch with other members of the society. Such individuals will prefer to be alone because of stress. It important for people to be careful when using internet services to avoid being cyber-bullied (Goldberg, 1996). Moreover, internet has enabled a large number of online games that may have been addicted to them and hence ruining the social relationships with others. The internet paved way for these online games making sure that people in diverse geographical locations can interact and compete with one another in much the same way one person can interact with a closed individual. This has made some people become addicted to these games and hence consuming much of their time that could have used constructively to socialize with their close friends to boost their social interactions. For instance, when you find a group of boys who are addicted to internet games, all you hear them talking about is the games that they play on the internet. They spend most of the time on these games and also analyzing them when they are not playing hence taking most of their time that could be used to interact with others. Research shows that people addicted to internet games elicited increased aggression over a given period (Kardefelt-Winther, 2014). This becomes even worse when these persons were playing violent games as this resulted in them changing their social ways and not being able to interact socially with others. Another issue that is caused by internet addiction is that people can get exposed to unfit sexual content such as pornographic materials and this could negatively impact their social life. Research shows that pornography can affect ones social life since it wrecks their libido. This makes one not to be attracted to a member of the opposite sex and this, therefore, means their social interactions with such persons is cut. Addiction on the internet enables people to access such contents which negatively affects them as they tend not to be aroused with their spouses. The problem becomes worse as these individuals tend to be emotional, depressed and hence affecting their personal relationships with others. In conclusion is evident that internet addiction has several negative implications that affect the social lives of individuals. Excessive use of the internet has made so many people waste a lot of their critical time that could have been used to interact with others to boost their social lives (Grubbs et al., 2015). For instance, the excessive internet gaming where people play with others from diverse geographical backgrounds consumes much of their time when playing and also off the game when they tend to talk much about the games they play. Moreover, the issues of pornography that results from excessive use of internet have led to lowered social interactions in individuals. Again, cyberbullying has been another issue that is caused by the excess internet as well as lack of sleep for those that are addicted. Given the numerous negative implications of excessive internet use, it is necessary that people find ways to moderate their internet use to reduce the addiction. References Goldberg, I. (1996). Internet addiction disorder.Retrieved November,24, 2004. Block, J. J. (2008). Issues for DSM-V Internet addiction. Young, K. S. (2004). Internet addiction A new clinical phenomenon and its consequences.American behavioral scientist,48(4), 402-415. Grubbs, J. B., Volk, F., Exline, J. J., Pargament, K. I. (2015). Internet pornography use Perceived addiction, psychological distress, and the validation of a brief measure.Journal of Sex Marital Therapy,41(1), 83-106. Kardefelt-Winther, D. (2014). A conceptual and methodological critique of internet addiction research Towards a model of compensatory internet use.Computers in Human Behavior,31, 351-354. INTERNET ADDICTION PAGE MERGEFORMAT 1 Running Head INTERNET ADDICTION PAGE MERGEFORMAT 1 Y, B8L 1(IzZYrH9pd4n(KgVB,lDAeX)Ly5otebW3gpj/gQjZTae9i5j5fE514g7vnO( ,[email protected] /[email protected] 6Q

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