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First, manger should consider the importance of aligning the employee’s careers goals with the H-care new goals and objectives by being more open to communicate the strategy and the direction of organization with employees. From the employee’s perspectives, whenever an organization plans on pursuing new goals and objectives, employees perceive that they have`
If H-care planes on pursuing new goals and objectives which would make some skill sets obsolete, employees should know this up front and decide for themselves if it is time to move on or if they want to be on the forefront of developing new skills to help explore new opportunities. Employees can’t be in charge of their career and make good career decisions if they don’t understand where the organization is going.
Second, many employees find it easier to leave their current organization to get new experiences and builds their portfolio of skills than to take a new role in a different function within the current organization. Senior management can help change this behaviour by encouraging and facilitating internal transfers. Moving to different functions can help build a breadth of knowledge of the organization that will help individuals build leadership skills. Managers need to get better at looking beyond their own group for growth opportunities for their direct reports. Third, most people learn through experience, so getting access to development opportunities is key for retaining top talent and keeping them engaged. When considering your most valuable employees it is important to be more purposeful in their development and to plan for key experiences that will help to develop the skills they need to become good managers or leaders.
Fourth, clearly articulate expectations at different levels because Employees often get frustrated when they don’t know how to get ahead and they don’t understand how to develop themselves for the future. Therefore, by being clear about performance expectations for the future, and at different levels of the organization, employees will be able to more accurately self-assess if they have what it takes to move ahead in the organization. Fifth, Managers are the key source for developmental experiences because Managers have not fully realized the critical role they play in understanding the career goals of their employees and crafting development opportunities that help them to achieve their goals.

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