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These statements under discussion, suggest that agony and misery ruin the comfort of one’s life and may play a devastating role in making it a distressed life. It becomes more shattering for those people who are touchy and sensitive because, these people know the pain and that knowledge make their life more painful. It can be illustrated with an example that a young teenager who is going through the excited days of his life, when watches a scene of a car accident which is a tragedy, seldom realizes the grief which the victims are going through and the depiction from the accident scene, furthermore, that teenager is least concerned with that accident, because, he is not aware of the life experiences which make a person to feel and understand the sorrow of others. And in case, he feels sad with the scene of the accident, it would not stay longer. On the other hand, an adult who spent his life through harsh experiences of life, so when he watched the same accident tragedy, he would not be able to talk to somebody for next couple of days due to feeling that sorrow, right from the core of his heart. In Frankenstein as well, both the characters were depicted at the same capacity of having knowledge and experience of grief and sorrow which can be felt by the reader as well through their roles.
Frankenstein suggest about duality in life and points out with examples of substances and the humans as well. It points towards the example of light, that when a person is going through the darkness of night, then he wants to light up the light to make his path glowing for correct direction and to mitigate the chances of the getting harmed or ending up in a wrong place. On the other hand, the same light when turns into fire, it burns the whole house if the lamp is not carefully handled. Furthermore, this is the characteristic of the humans as well, on the basis of which someone said, ‘when I am good, I am very good and when I am bad, I am the worst’, thus, when the humans exhibit noble behaviours, they become mother Teresa and when they play monstrous roles, they become man-slaughterer. In Frankenstein as well, the two extremes of the characters are depicted comprehensively. In the character of the monster, it was created with a horrible shape and appearance but the internal creation was gentle and kind. When this creature found out that the people in the surrounding behave and deal with him according to the physical appearance, the creature turned violent and first of all, took the revenge from its creator by killing his younger brother. Duality in life become a complication in exhibiting a rational behaviour with other people.
BIBLIOGRAPHY Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley (2008). Charles E. Robinson, ed. The Original Frankenstein. Oxford: Bodleian Library.

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