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“Where is the love? Why do people look for love even though it’s there already?” As for me, being blessed is seeing something with our eyes closed. Even though I didn’t see the creation of love and there is no clear statement and evidence about the origin of love, I think I am considered to be lucky enough to feel love even though I am not seeing it.
Love has no origin. It is a supernatural characteristic every person has. We are born with love and we will die with it. Are you patient? Are you kind? Do you not envy? Are you not proud? Do you always protect, trust and hope or do you always persevere? If you are, then you are love. I believe that we are all love. The moment God started the creation love manifest itself. We don’t need to look for the origin of love. The moment we think of something that is not selfish, that is giving and put it into action, we start a chain of love and we need to continue that chain. Knowing God is going to look different from any other relationship in our lives. We can’t see God. We can’t look across the table at our and talk with Jesus in bodily form. Therefore it is a challenge for us to believe or not.

For me family is the source of my happiness. I am lucky to have a family like mine. They are the reason why I am striving so hard to achieve my dreams and goals in life.
They are the people who know behind the real me, for accepting who I am, considering my flaws, weaknesses, as well as my strength.
They said family is about having the same bloodline and carrying the same last names, but for me it is not about bloodlines or names for it is about the aspects like love, commitment, unity, sharing happiness & Sadness, understanding, and trust.
Family is the smallest unit of our society but it has a big impact on us. With them it seems that I can do everything without awkwardness and hesitation. There are no walls of secrets because family can understand you. There are no family that is perfect, but it is natural, it is our nature as a person having a life full of imperfections. I know not everyone has the same attitude and perspective in life like mine, though we have different personalities as long as we apply the aspects of being a member of a family then that is all we need. My point is, there are many ways to consider a person or an individual as a family. Without having one it is like living in an isolated island without nothing but a silent sea. As a quote have said “Family is like the branches of a tree, that grows in different directions yet our roots remain as one.” Therefore, we should continue to believe and live, be contented on what you have, and it should not be taken For granted. Because who knows, it will be all you have when everything is gone. Being in a relationship with Him comes in many ways like reading the bible, doing deeds, listen to his voice when He’s speaking to us through our conscience

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