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Health Care Regulations
Health Care Regulations
Effective regulation is important in the healthcare sector as some of the individuals may take advantage of other individuals accessing healthcare services as well as some of the processes in the healthcare sector (Givan, 2016). This may negatively impact this sector which is important in ensuring that the country has an improved health status. Lack of effective regulation has led to increased healthcare costs, which has been attributed to many agencies, which are responsible for controlling most of the resources and processes in the healthcare industry (Givan, 2016). Most of the healthcare aspects are governed by different regulatory bodies which is overwhelming to the healthcare industry and all those who are involved in the distribution of healthcare services (Givan, 2016).
These complex aspects of healthcare regulations are attributed to the fundamental concerns as this sector handles essential aspects of health, which is also attributed to life. The main issue with these regulations not effectively working is their complex structure, which makes it a challenge to comply to the regulations (Shi & Singh, 2019). Most of the healthcare organizations and the American Medical Association advocate for less regulation and de-regulation, which makes it a challenge for those responsible for implementing these regulations to oversee the implementation process successfully (Shi & Singh, 2019). These agencies are responsible for advocating the interests of the healthcare professionals where it reviews some of the implemented regulations and their impact on the health sector.
This association calls for changes to be done on some of the regulations, which may negatively impact the healthcare professionals (Shi & Singh, 2019). Without support from these agencies and associations, it is difficult to implement the regulations effectively. Other regulations require many resources in their implementation, which increase the costs of healthcare distribution (Shi & Singh, 2019). With the government and other stakeholders in the healthcare sector looking for ways to minimize the healthcare costs, these regulations may be inadequately funded which may lead to an unsuccessful implementation of the regulations (Givan, 2016).
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