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I strongly believed that group decision making is an important tool because group decision tend to cover a greater area, that provide a better insights for decision making. In group decision making enables organization innovations and continuous improvement into the workplace because it has a range of ideas, creativity, thinking styles and skills, and this also promotes team work. One of the advantage of team work is the sharing of information. It make take a broader scope pf information since each group and everyone may contribute unique information and expertise. Sharing information can increase the understanding and clarify the issues. This also shows trust in the employees because they will feel valued and respected the decision and opinions they shared.

All the groups and team members should actively participate in the actual decision making because it helps in building the morale and of the team and build a healthy and coordinative relationship among members of the team. Giving employees extra responsibilities can have a very positive effect. It is also important that all of the members of each group have an understanding in nature because they need to accept the decisions no matter what quality may be the decision affects the favor of the group as a whole. The key to good planning is acceptance and understanding.

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