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If a man loves a woman’s soul, he’ll end up loving one woman, but if he just loves a woman’s body or face, all the women in the world won’t satisfy him. -Unknown. Claudio’s love for Hero was simply love of her outer appearance and what he’d gain by marrying her, rather than love of her heart and soul. Within the widely popular comedy “Much Ado About Nothing” by William Shakespeare, there are two characters, Hero and Claudio, who are romantically involved with one another and have arranged to marry. Claudio, a young lord from florence, meets Hero; the governor Leonato’s daughter, and is instantly awe struck by her beauty posing the question “can the world buy such a jewel?” after being asked by his dear friend Benedick if he would “buy her.” But in this essay I will attempt to prove that for Claudio, this “love” of Hero is simply not real love. Instead it is lust of her outer appearance and the high social status he would gain by marrying the governers daughter.
Claudio’s love of Hero was vain. Immediately after meeting Hero, Claudio begins confessing to Benedick “in my eyes she is the sweetest lady that ever I looked on.” Claudio then goes on to knag Benedick about Hero in a sneaky attempt to gain Benedicks approval of him pursuing Hero. After having only one encounter with Hero, Claudio already claims to be in love with Her. Not only did he just meet her, but she didn’t even say a single word the entire time they were together. How could one truly be in love with someone before you have even hear them speak it being shallow “love”?
Claudio fell for Hero’s inheritance, not her heart. Claudio seems too interested in Hero’s fortune. Before taking action to make Hero his wife, he first inquires to his friend the prince of Arragon Don Pedro, “Hath Leonato any son, my lord?” Claudio’s reason for asking this is that he shallowly wants to make sure that Hero will inherit all of her father’s money. Evidently, he wouldn’t be as interested in pursuing his marriage with her if she were not the sole heir. After Don Pedro confirms that Hero is indeed the only heir, Claudio then describes how his like of Hero transformed to love: “I looked upon her with a soldier’s eye that liked, but had a rougher task in hand than to drive liking to the name of love” This reveals that Claudio’s motivation was money. He says that he liked her before, but after finding out she will inherit money, he suddenly loves her. Claudio himself admits that his affections for Hero occur very suddenly: “But lest my liking might too sudden seem I would have salve it with a longer treatise”
Claudio never felt passionate love toward Hero. He is rather quick to give up on Hero, so quick that he doesn’t even wait to hear her side when she “wrongs him”. When he realizes he has feelings for her, he decides to have Don Pedro win Hero over for him. At a party, Don Pedro does just what Claudio asked him to and yet Claudio is easily led to believe by Don John (Don Pedro’s bastard brother) that Don Pedro has wooed Hero for himself. He despairs: “Friendship is constant in all things save in the office and affairs of love.” Some readers may interpret his initial feelings of hurt and betrayal as an indication of his love for Hero. Even if this were true, Claudio’s feelings are not strong enough to compel him to action. He quickly resigns himself to losing Hero: “Farewell therefore Hero!” If Claudio truly loved her, it is reasonable to assume he would have fought for her affections or at least asked her if she had feelings for Don Pedro. He even says, “I wish him (Don Pedro) joy of her”. Claudio is willing to let Hero go without even telling her how he feels about her.

In addition, Claudio is very cruel to Hero when he believes that she has betrayed him. On the day of his wedding ceremony, he enters pretending that everything is fine between him and Hero, but then he refuses to marry her. He hands her back to her father and refers to her as a “rotten orange”. Claudio then proceeds to expose her sin in front of everyone: “All you that see her, that she were a maid by these exterior shows? But she is none she knows the heat of a luxurious bed her blush is guiltiness, not modesty”. When Hero denies the accusation against her, Claudio does not believe her or stop to consider what she has said. Claudio leaves after Hero has fainted. He does not even glance her way or worry in the slightest about her health.
Claudio is not truly in love with Hero. His words and actions towards her are not consistent with those of someone in love. This is demonstrated when Claudio shows too much interest in Hero’s money; is quick to give her up to Don Pedro; wants to leave right after the wedding; is quick to believe the worst in Hero and is very harsh towards her when he thinks that she has betrayed him. He may profess that he is in love with her, but that is not the case. Claudio’s love is too sudden and seems to be solely about what he sees in with eyes, rather than the affection of true love. Claudio’s love of Hero is not a true love.

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