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In 1830s. When Richard Roberts was introduced power loom to substitution with hand production methods, people was began to use machines for efficient production. When human are compare their own history, there is a tremendous change in the standards of living. There has been an unparalleled change in our living standards over the last half-century. In 1880, Japanese average lifetime was 35 years, with the development of economic, life expectancy has risen to 83 years. After this, the average income of worker in United States has increased in significantly. In 1930, the worker in US would have had to work for 333 hour to buy a refrigerator. Today, The fridge has become the necessary appliances in everybody’s home (2013, Weil). We are no longer need to spend a month on the boat to cross the Pacific Ocean, it takes only ten-hours by plane from US to China. Although the economic development is making our lives to be more convenient and more luxurious, at the same time, it also gives rise to environmental pollution. There has two group of people had the different attitude at environment and development.
Economic Development have unavoidable conflict between with environment, humans gain wealth by plundering the resources form nature. During the developing economy flying, there is 7.6 billion population in the earth at today, that is five times of one hundred years ago (World Meters). Uncontrolled population growth was negative impact for any country and environment. As we know, China has the most population in this world, but space for people to live is limited. Because of dense population, it can trigger the problem of housing; the food supplying and big amount of garbage pollution to the environment. Limiting population growth is a good way to result in a higher standard of living and will preserve the environment. We have limit resource on the earth, developing economy can lending global conflict with source of energy (oil war). Oil has been an essential condition of industrial economies and modern militaries. At last hundred years, oil was became a main reason for war(2016, Michael Peck). In grow and develop the economy, In fact, oil meets 97% of the UK transport and industry’s needs. Besides, it benefits our lives because it is critical materials for the production of many essentials. All the chemical product has almost made by petroleum refining, such as plastics, fertilizers, detergents, paints and even pharmaceuticals, as well as a range of other products you might not think through (2015, Oil & Gas in UK). So economy necessarily needs ‘nutrient’ on sources of high-quality energy. We emit carbon dioxide to the atmosphere in enormous quantities by so much fossil fuel burning, it result in pollution and greenhouse effect. Not only that, Economic growth often has a negative effect on environmental. According to the World Bank report in 2014, the rate at which natural resources are degrading in many countries. Many people’s health was threatened by factors, which is air pollution, waterborne diseases and exposure to harmful chemicals, especially true in developing countries( Essays UK, 2013). Economic progress is an important goal of every county, no one wants to stop that can gives millions of better livers. But we must adhere to sustainable strategy that to progressing the economics. Earth cannot afford unlimited growth.

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