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In conclusion the above information shows us that England culturally has a low power distance meaning that people in England believe that there should be less inequality. This has an effect in different parts of the society, but in the workplace it creates a flat structure. People become more comfortable and know their managers well that it is normal to call them with their first names. We also see that England has high individualism, this shows us the individuals in England are expected to take care of themselves. They value privacy and always work towards personal fulfilment.

England has high Masculinity meaning that they love competition, accomplishments and triumph and focus less on getting to know others better and being modest. They value their careers and do not shy away from expressing their missions and objectives. The England culture has low uncertainty avoidance this means that the society is content with having little to no information about the future. These dimensions are more dominate in the England culture (Low power distance, Individualism and High Masculinity)

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