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In the production world, now we need some ‘Intelligent’ or Smart materials which can change their property according to our requirement. Smart materials are one of the unique materials and their significant property can be altered, reversed or controlled under external stimuli. Their smartness can be characterized by its self-adaptability, self-sensing and self-healing. To be more precise ‘Smart Materials’ can be defined as the material which react to environment and the reaction can be exhibit as a change in volume, color, viscosity, odor. This response can be seen when there is change in temperature, stress, electric current, pH or magnetic field. Smart materials have a stupendous effect since discovery to present day in our day to day life through its application in smart infrastructure, to smart sensors, smart gadgets and vehicles. In this paper I have focused on the introduction, types of smart materials, characteristics and their properties and potential application in different fields, economic perspective and future of smart materials.

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