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Jennifer Goodman
Narrative Essay
April 10, 2018
“Narrative Essay”
My first challenge is dealing with my boy’s illness, I never had a sick child so this was new to me when this all happen. I have been around people with this illness but never thought about reading or learning about. I went off what people said about this illness. When this happens in my household and to my baby boys I couldn’t believe this has happened. I had to learn how to take care of them. I even had to go to classes for two days at children hospital. This was so scary for me knowing someone life is in my hands. I want them to have a normal life as possible. The most important part of this for my boy is to live longer and not have to deal with this disease and learn how to take care of their body as they get older and know that if they decide not to what could happen to them if they refuse. Diabetes runs on their dad side of the family, so many of their family members have this diabetes. My goal and prayer is the find a cure and they learn to live with it because I believe they will be healed one day. Even though a lot of kids deal with this illness it is hard for them to do things like other kids. This makes me want to cry sometime. The things it does to your body, that why it’s so important to keep up with your blood sugar and your doctor appointment.

Dealing with sweets always been a problem for me as I get older it’s getting harder not to eat it. Sometimes I try not to get it or eat it. Also, you have family and people offering and buying for me. I feel like once my mind is made up I can beat this problem, but it gets tough sometimes. One reason I really need to make a change is my health is playing a part in my bad eating habits. My weight is one of them, I didn’t gain weight eating sweets my weight came from having my baby. I need to eat healthy to lose the weight and it’s becoming harder because I love eating sweets all the time. I feel this is some I can do as long as I put mind to it. I think you can have sweets as long you do in a small portion and not to eat it all at one time and it will not affect your health. The tough part for me and my boys is when we are invited to birthdays parties I have to fight around every issue with them so if they can’t have what’s at the party I don’t have it either, so that how that work for me and them. Whenever my kids go places like parties they doctor give me the ok for them to have whatever they want to have at the party because she doesn’t want them to feel different and having regrets about having diabetes.

Sometimes I get tired and want to give up, but I know I can’t because I have kids depending on me. I feel like I owe them more and they should not go without the things they need. This is why I don’t give up. The tough part about it is I have to keep going on my bad days and sick days also. Being an adult and a parent these are the things you have to do no matter what. It makes me feel good when I put a smile on my kid’s face knowing what I’m doing that their ok and not want for anything. The scary part is when I can’t and not able to do for them. As their mother, it’s my responsibility to provide for them so when I get tired I can’t give up. So I make my household fun we do things once a week to enjoy life. You can stay in your budget and enjoy yourself; the kids will never know the difference. A walk in the park with a few snacks from the house will make a day fun, as long as you keep it simple.

I never want them to be uncomfortable not having their own space and living with someone because we don’t have anywhere to live. When I was growing up my mom made sure we had what we needed. My grandma played a big part in my life she made sure we had food and a place to lay our head. So in return, I give my kids the same thing that was done to me and even more. To say all this is a reminder that no matter how tired I get never gives up. Not giving up can make you a stronger person sometimes going through open people eyes to do better. Don’t ever think about giving up when u tired just rest and get back at it. It was a song that I heard that said if a man falls seven times and he got right back up to try again. That made me feels really good knowing that I can do this. Also, I had to do what was right in order to make it in life.

To sum this all up I want to tell you giving up are not an option. I wish a lot of things I could have done when I was younger, I probably would have been so tired. I feel like things would have been much easier for if I listen to my parents did what I was told. I could have been at home with my mom not paying bills and focus on my career, but being hard-headed not listen to my mom made my task a little harder. Having the job I have to make my tired because I have to work at night because of my boy’s illness. I have to be ready for the doctor appointment, sign for medication when it is delivered I have to be there to get it. So being tired does not fit in my life I just get some rest when I can. My husband asks me how you do it, he said he couldn’t do it by himself and he thinks GOD for me. Knowing this when you ever decide to become someone mother or father. You have to take on the responsibilities of taking care of them for a long time. Don’t get me wrong I love being a mother and a wife to my family it’s not all that bad until they become a teenager. That when they think they are grown and their not. Later on, in life, you will realize what all that matters to you and to not give up.

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