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 Jhumpa Lahiri writes about how growing up she experienced a sense of division within herself. She explains how she fears cutting ties with her Indian heritage, but yet also craves to fit into the ways of American society. Lahiri also expresses a feeling of alienation she states, ” my perception as a young girl was that I fell short at both ends, shuttling between two dimensions that had nothing to do with one another.” She felt a feeling of estrangement that most of us immigrant offspring have, having to adjust into the ways of American society. Lahiri has more than identity as a young girl, which made it difficult for her to cultivate a true authentic sense of self.

As Jhumpa Lahiri matures and goes into her middle age years, she no longer tries to uphold a false representation of perfection. As she say’s ” as a child I sought perfection and so denied myself the claim to any identity. As an adult I accept that a bicultural up bringing is a rich but imperfect thing. ”  She understands her Indian culture will be watered down to possibly being diminished once her parents pass. All in all her being a model of the all American wholesomeness, as an adult she is no longer ashamed of her Indian background.  Although stepping away from her Indian culture she comes to realize the great significance of being bicultural.

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