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Lipid production measures
A total of 17 studies (300 comparisons) of ginger supplementation feeding were employed in this meta-analysis; their data and information are summarized in Table 1. The meta-analysis findings for each blood lipid production measure are summarized forest plots as displayed in Figures 3a, b, c and d. The mean effect size of the TG (d = -0.553; 95%CI = -2.113 to 1.008), TC (d = -0.985; 95%CI = -1.653 to 0.316), HDL- C (d = 0.638; 95%CI = 0.449 to 1.775) and LDL- C (d = -1.128; 95%CI = -0.510 to 0.291) were not significantly affected by the ginger treatment. This suggests that ginger has negative effects on TG, TC and LDL-C and positive impacts on HDL-C. The mean effect sizes of 0.553 – 1.128% of ginger supplementation on blood lipid production measures is an indication that ginger has moderate to large impacts on these production outcomes. The percentage variations explained by between studies variation were quite large (95.31 – 99.02%).

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