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Mergers and acquisitions take place for many strategic business reasons, but the most common reasons for any business combination are economic at their core. Companies may decide to merge into order to gain a better distribution or marketing network. A company may want to expand into different markets where a similar company is already operating rather than start from ground zero, and so the company may just merge with the other company.According to the passage the main drivers of the merger were, the fact that IBM was ready to give away its PC section of the company, Lenovo was ready to purchase that part of IBM and also Lenovo wanted to be a world competitor in the PC industry. Notwithstanding the face that China wanted to stop foreign industries taking over invading their market. Liu Chuanzhi who was also a graduate was able to merge the East and West, being the fact that an add-on card was developed that allowed Chinese applications to run on English-language operating systems; it catapulted China into the PC age.

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