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Modern technology nowadays has been interchanging every now and then. Advancement of information technologies is giving lots of benefits for all institutions and business establishments. As time goes by, computers became very useful in minimizing the amount of time needed to accomplish a task

Manual operation using papers for examination are most used by University and High School. Student takes their exams manually, answering their papers with a corresponding time and when they finished the examinations they will submit it to their teachers for checking the papers. Checking of papers are time consuming it take a lot of time that’s why the proponents develop a system that can be useful for the students to make their examination more accurate and efficient. With this system, students can sign up for the examination, write their answers in the computer class and afterwards get their printed results (Prezi, 2012).

Automated Entrance Examination provides fast and printed results to the examinees. It is a user-friendly system and provides quality service to the students as well as to the administrator or instructors. Through the use of Automated Entrance Examination System, much effort may behave and many projects will be made more effective for the development of examination.

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