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Next , as we know , Malaysian food is very mixed, with influences from many different culture . We have a lot of choices on what to eat . For example Malay food .Malay food is spicy and aromatic . It combining the rich tastes of the many herbs and spices commonly found in Southeast Asia. We are able to learn to preparMalaysia is a country that is built up with different races and religions. These races include Malays, Chinese, Indians and other indigenous Bumiputra groups. There are 50.1% population of Malay, 22.6% of Chinese ,11.8% of indigenous Bumiputra ,6.7% of Indian , and other groups account for 0.7% in Malaysia. Religions ,there also 60.4% of Muslim , 19.2% buddhist ,9.1% Christian , 6.3% Hindu ,Taoism , other traditional Chinese religions 2.6% , other or unknown 1.5% , none 0.8% . It is challenging for all of the Malaysian because Malaysia has chosen a different route that of unity in diversity and inclusiveness, while ensuring fairness to all . We have to interact with different people or society with different religions , origins , and traditions all living. It means the language we use , the food we eat , the clothes we wear have all been influenced by different cultures and ethnics.e them in different ways , even celebrations of festivals become national.

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