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Parents lack play a role in educating children on courtesy because they are too busy with their respective careers to ignore their responsibilities. Often do not have time to see children grow up and guide them in terms of emotional development. The parents do not raise them the way it is supposed to or have bad friends that give them the wrong meanings of the values, or they do not even put them in practice anymore. if in the education that they give them to the children there was more love and interest, then our place would not be like it is now, with drug traffic, bullying, robberies and even killing. Parents spent most of their time for work, economic problems, stress or sometimes by the simple act of not to create a fight, leave to one side for education of their children and in lots of cases, they think they can replace the love with material things, but the love from their off springs.
We all complain about the insecurity of our country, of the injustices and robberies by our rulers without realizing that these rulers and these killers were educated by a parent who are part of our society and those who did not teach and show them the values needed to make them good citizens and above all, good people. Everything that has happened is due to lack of values and influences by those who lived and shared their life with. As the country’s economy advances and society becomes more affluent, courtesy, noble values and ethics take a back seat. Despite our nation’s progress, many Malaysians face decaying morals and poor courtesy. The negative behaviour syndrome reflected in road bullies, lawbreakers, litterbugs and poor counter service shows we are far from being courteous. Courtesy is polite behaviour where we show appreciation to other people. It is a sign of respect for others (Peggy Post, Anna Post, Lizzie Post, Daniel Post Senning, 2011). Neglecting common courtesy can make a person arrogant. By value adding manners into the milieu such as remembering simply to say please or thank you, to stand up on public transport for someone older or in more need than yourself and yes, even opening the door for someone else.

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