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Political Dynasty is a succession of rulers from the same family or line. This process has long been a feature of the Philippine political landscape. They are typically characterized as families that have established their political or economic dominance. It was shown in the video that the Aquinos, Marcoses, Estradas, Binays, Cayetanos, Revillas are just some of the families who are known in politics because of Poltiical dynasty.
I believe having a political dynasty can either be advantageous or disadvantageous. One of the advantages of political dynasty is that since the family members of the government leaders have enough background on politics and well-versed in governance, they know how to care and deal with the people and the government. Being familiar in leading people is a big factor. This helps a lot in becoming a good leader. However, political dynasty can also have its disadvantage. It was emphasized in the video, that it may lead to graft and corruption, since the children of government leaders are expected to follow his/her parents which can also ensure that the cash flow continues. So, when a corrupt family rules a certain place or certain country, the tendency is that corruption is being tolerated and passed from one generation to another. But, it was stated in the video by Dr. Antonio Taringting, that it is not always called political dynasty but rather it is sometimes called “political manipulation”. Since people would always vote for those candidates who have a strong family background regarding politics.
I am amazed as to how political dynasty works. I believe political dynasty can be really advantageous if politicians would avoid corruption. One of the values I have learned in the video is that we should not be greedy for power and wealth. Politicians should be a good role model for their people and use their power to serve their people. There is actually nothing wrong with political dynasty, as long as the people who becomes leaders have the heart to serve and help their people..

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