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Project Proposal

Semester: MCS-4
Submitted By:
Samavia Sadaf Qureshi (44984)
Aoj Zia (44973)
Areeba (44974)
Supervised By:
Teacher’s Name

Department of Information Technology
Hazara University, MansehraProject Proposal
Online Shopping Store
We are going to create a web based shopping store/shopping cart people who like to shop online instead of visiting market to shop for themselves.

The purpose of this web portal is to facilitate people to buy products online and get them at their door step. The online shopping store is expected to contain the following features:
Visitors have to register themselves with online shopping store in order to view products and make purchases.

User will be able to create their account and update their credentials with the passage of time according to their needs.

The product catalogue will be designed category wise to place the products according to their type and usage.

An inventory of products will be created to keep track of stock present in the ware house.

Quantity of every product will be updated in the inventory as soon as a new purchase is made by a visitor.

Users will be provided with the facility to manage their orders in such a way that they can cancel order, change order, replace order etc.

Type of Users:
User Privileges:
The admin of the system will have privilege to perform the following actions:
Add new product in the product(s) catalogue.

Remove any product(s) from product catalogue.

Update product catalogue.

View registered users.

Remove any user(s).

View customer order(s).

Approve customer order(s).

Cancel customer(s) orders.

Update profile.

Update inventory.

The customers of our online shopping store will be able to perform following set of actions:
Create account.

Update account.

Delete account.

View products.

Add product to cart.

Select quantity.

Place order.

Update order details.

Cancel order.

Make payments.

We are going to work in php-core environment.

Front end of the website will be designed using HTML5/CSS3.

Form validation in various HTML forms will be done using JavaScript.

MySQL database will be used for inventory management and logging of user credentials.

At the backend php will be used for providing all the above mentioned functionalities.

Tools and Technologies:
Sublime text.

MySQL database. (phpMyAdmin)



Adobe Photoshop.

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