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Psychological concepts
Psychodynamics theory is founded on what Sigmund Freud dubbed as the”psycho analytic theory of personality”. Behavior in adults can be analyzed from the operational functions of the id, the ego and the super ego. The id responsible for the actions of the emotional or subconscious area within us, the ego is the part that rationalizes or the conscious mind, and the super ego addresses the area within us that deals with what is right and what is wrong. In summary, it’s responsible for the structuring and operation of the mind in humans. Human behavior is explained, which if left to self would be unexplainable. There are various theories that we can use to explain our unique behaviors, as well as their patterns. (PREETHAMOL, 2014)
Freud’s theory can be used to better understand the distinct desire that is found within certain characters. Therefore it is safe to say that Freud can be credited for his role in the recognition as well as the evolving of the psychoanalytic theory in this film. Here we see where a Freud’s theory which is present in this particular film, the unconscious, subjectivity and sexuality are prominent. “Repressed thoughts are the key to understanding neuroses. It can manifest in the form of dreams, nightmares and even forms of artistic activity” as quoted by Freud. With that said the main character’s psyche will now be interpreted in the film “The Black Swan.”
Nina’s character displays that of paranoia, which leads us to the question of whether the id is trying to overpower the function of the ego? Why is she displaying this sort of behavior? Her persona has somewhat been modified by Thomas who uses several techniques on the stage through the use of mirrors which depicts change in her persona. As a result the persona that was inactive in her has now become the driving factor which sees her becoming a much better performer. She becomes acquainted with the dark side she never knew existed, she also became more sexually stimulating which can be associated to what Freud termed the “Id”. Nina displays several behavioral patterns which depict the struggle being ensued between the id and the ego which often presents itself in the form a dream and what is real to her. She reaches the point where is unable to deal with the emotional strain and becomes disturbed. In her last evolution where she accomplished becoming the “Black Swan” she is now at a point where she cannot turn back, she was able to triumphantly over power the id and the ego completely. The Black Swan was now a part of her and has now altered her persona so much so that there is no point of return

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