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Reading and writing are the most important skills in succeeding in today’s world. Therefore, it is necessary to learn these skills because it has become priority in the present than in the past. Firstly, most people are educating today than in old times. Secondly, people can communicate easier now than the past. Thirdly, people travel a lot today than in the past.
Firstly, nowadays, education has become necessary for everyone. As technology is increasing, competition is also getting high. Everyone wants a high position and status. Moreover, to achieve position and status, people need to achieve knowledge. Beside this, most of the workplaces demands are to evaluate the information by their mental skills. At work places, companies need computers to make a record either of employ or product. So, to get better employment , it has become important to learn technical comparison , in the past times , people prefer to do labor jobs , which is hard than office jobs.
Secondly, as people are educating now, so, way of communicating to each other has become easier. People can write letters, emails and texts to each other to express their feelings and thoughts to another person. In comparison, people in the past has no need to write each other because either they live close by or like to live isolate. Additionally, most of the job offers comes through emails and people can fill applications online. It saves their time. In contrast, people in the old times finds jobs locally and they have to go to face to face meeting, which takes so long process and time.
Thirdly, as people get education and their way of communicating became easier, so, they like to travel foreign countries. In addition, travel industry has make it easier. With travelling, they have better experience because they get opportunity to learn about different country and their culture. For example, India has many historical buildings. Many foreign people visit there for research and learn about culture. On the other hand, people in the past remain at one place for many years because travelling was not as easier. Moreover, travelling by own also makes people build confidence to communicate to different culture people.
In conclusion, many countries has become so advanced that education is necessary to go along with world. People in these days has easier way of communicate and want to travel a world. As concluded, people need to learn these skills these days than the past due to live a better healthier living.

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