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Reflections on planning and progress form:
First Reflection:
I have always been interested in psychology and literature and so wanted to find a topic that incorporates both subjects in itself since this would increase my engagement with the task. I found numerous topics and it was very hard to select the best one. After extensive brainstorming, I decided to write on the topic of dual personalities in two of my favorite books, Fight Club and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I had good grounding regarding the relevant methodologies and findings, as I had done a lot of research about the books and different psychological issues for a number of years. A potential problem was to make sure my topic meets the requirements of the English subject area and does not lean too much towards psychology. My reflection session with my supervisor helped me regarding the possible approaches to take to prevent this problem.
Interim Reflection:
I began by breaking down my EE into manageable steps in order to have a clear vision of how I will undertake each task with a plan. I had difficulty selecting the most suitable RQ, and I did this by writing several questions and choosing the clearest and most refined. One problem which my supervisor pointed out was that my paragraphs were disorganized and did not show a clear line of thought. I solved this by making a list of all my ideas and placing them in an order that would create a well-structured and coherent argument and then rewriting. A main challenge was avoiding excess information as I was about to cross the word limit and not leaning towards the subject of psychology. I overcame this by prioritizing my information and choosing the required ones by critical thinking and rereading my essay to eliminate the extra information. Dealing with different sources was also a challenge that I overcame by creating an annotated bibliography and using scholarly search engines to ensure credibility.
Viva Voce:
Despite being a rigorous task, the EE process has been extremely fruitful. One thing I am proud of is that I was able to keep my initial ideas with minor changes, as this showed that they were realistic and that I was on the right track. A success was that I did not procrastinate, started early, and had a vivid idea of what the next steps would be. To me, the most rewarding aspect of the entire process was the final product itself, as I had been extremely stressed and anxious about how I would complete it. The experience taught me that the hardest part of any task is starting it and taking the first step and that I must be diligent and hardworking for any tasks that I might face in the future. I endlessly enjoyed the experience despite the challenges because it pushed me to explore the depths of my interests with a sophisticated outlook. I will definitely explore the psychological sides of my topic for further investigation. Anyone doing their EE should know that keeping up with a plan and choosing a topic you are passionate about are most crucial.

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