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Sudoku has become easier and easier as time has passed and technology started advancing. The sudoku has become way too easy to solve at this age. The reason it is easy to solve is that an algorithm exists for Sudoku arrangements. The algorithm is a tree-constructed look algorithm situated in light of backtracking in a tree until the point when an answer is found. A person can sit in their computer, input all the numbers after that watch a PC program figure the arrangement, we can sensibly inquire as to why a man would try to battle to illuminate Sudoku astounds. It defeats the purpose of a sudoku puzzle is hard to solve. Nowadays solving a sudoku puzzle through this method is very prevalent. However, by using such a strategy, people lose their love for sudoku because it is simply too easy to make a computer solve it. So, in this paper, we will explore the essential mathematics behind the algorithms used by these computers.

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