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Sustainable community design: 2
• evaluates the total land resource and ensures that land used for development is used effectively
and with efficiency and the part not used for development is suitably sheltered and preserved.
• is an approach of planning(designing), building and creating places for living and working that
permits the community and its residents to contribute to the on-going, long-term health of the
community and therefore the natural surroundings.
• is concerned with providing, not prohibiting, prospects for those who reside and work in the
community to form selections that contribute to a way of life that has low impact on the
During the games, the village is intended to be efficient and sufficiently accommodating to all
athletes and officials as possible. Post the Games, the long-term objective of the site is to be
transformed into a mixed-use residential and commercial Health and Knowledge Precinct
spreading across a colossal expanse of 29 hectares. In this part, we will explain how the Games
Village will be transformed into a truly sustainable community.
The transformation of the Games Village to a functioning sustainable community is reflected in
several aspects. Primarily, our intentions aim at maximizing the use of all the community
facilities and secondly on improving these facilities for a higher and better standard of living for
the residents after the games. The Table.1 below demonstrate during games and post-Games uses
of main community facilities.

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