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The Australian government coordinated with the state governments and communities to develop a 12-year National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022. Based from the website Office for Women 2018, it was endorsed by the Council of Australian Government (COAG) and released in February 2011. The National Plan is aimed at having all Australian governments and community organisations collect and record all the important work that is being done. It also aims to diminish violence as well as having more women and their children live safe and sound. As shown by the Department of Social Services’ website, the plan specifically aims to provide information, work with the media about how violence is reported, and providing grants for communities to help prevent violence. This is implemented in stages of the Third Action Plan 2016-2019 that was launched on 28 October 2016 by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. It outlines what all governments, communities, businesses, and individuals can do to reduce violence against women and their children.
Furthermore, White Ribbon Australia is a part of a global program of people working to end violence against women. The organisation aims to create a society where all women can live in safely, and free from violence and abuse. The organisation is not for a profit driven organisation that works through an essential anticipation approach in schools, work environments, and communities across Australia. Through their projects and crusades, they encourage men to be part of the social change to prevent violence against women.
Additionally, the different governments in Australia has been focused on reducing the victims of domestic violence. Hence, the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme has been applied throughout Australia. The scheme in the past was only applied in the state or territory in which they were issued or registered. The scheme was changed as of 25th of November 2017, which means that all Domestic Violence orders issued from this date are now automatically nationally recognised and enforceable.
In an attempt to reduce domestic violence, South Australia has implemented a scheme from the United Kingdom called Clare’s Law since June 2018. As reported by ABC News in June 2018, the law intends to provide information that could protect someone from being a victim of violence. It allows people to ask the police for the criminal history of their partner. This could effectively help to avoid the harmful situations as people can make informed decisions.

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