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The book Animal far, as the name suggests, is set on a farm called Manor farm (later
animal farm) where a group of animals are led/ruled by pigs. Their leader, an old
boar named Old Major, passed away which meant the group of animals were now led
by two younger pigs named Snowball and Napoleon who eventually sparked a
revolution driving the owner of the farm, Mr. Jones, off the farm. The “revolution” is
one of the many elements used by Orwell in an effort to blend politics and art. With
Mr. Jones gone the animals were free and the pigs went on to instruct and maintain
the other animals. Napoleon however was hungry for power and chased Snowball
away in an effort to become sole leader of the farm. After a while Napoleon started to
treat the other animals very badly. He made them work extremely hard and even
executed those accused/suspected of associating with Snowball.
Mr. Frederick, after becoming aware of what is happening on the farm, launches an
attack on the animals, but the animals proved stronger and won the fight. A horse
named Boxer was severely injured in the attack while helping Napoleon fight against
the humans, but even though he helped, Napoleon had him slaughtered for not being
able to work with his injuries. After the attack Mr Frederick struck a lumber deal with
Napoleon. Eventually the animals came to the conclusion that the pigs have become
very similar to humans, this was apparent when the pigs revealed they could walk on
two legs and erased the seven commandments and replaced it with one: “All animals
are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”. Thus, the pigs have taken
up the same role as the humans.

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