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The disadvantages of tuckman’s theory include pushing individuals from their comfort zones as they may prefer to work by themselves due to a lack of confidence or personal preference,pushing them to work in teams may worsen the service users experience as this may delay the process of an procedure. Another negative of this theory may be the disagreements that can occur as they start to go through the phases such as storming they will be suggesting ideas and may not accept other ideas to be better than theirs as they think their idea is superior and a clear divide will start to happen and it will create an hierarchy, individuals who are more passive will be at the bottom and this will lead to an bystander effect, the more passive the individuals the more their will be pushed aside as irrelevant and won’t be asked their opinions as another team worker will think another person has already asked this certain individuals thoughts. the more confident ones will push their ideas on top of others and will be higher up in this hierarchy. The performing stage can lead to problems if they dont pull together to work as a team.

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