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The musical play, Legally Blonde is a must-see musical .It is a fun, upbeat and truly hilarious show. The actors and actresses were great. Their performance can captivate one’s attention. The singing, dancing, acting and choreography are amazing. They sang and danced impressively. Even the short acting scenes were executed nicely. In the first scene, aside from the lovely performances of the girls, I think the lighting designers did their job properly. It played a significant role in the musical. The lighting at the beginning is outstanding. The lighting design complements the set, and expertly worked around not disrupting or distracting from the projections. It signaled the entrance of a certain character. It also focused attention on some specific spots on the stage. It welcomed the characters well. It displayed and focused the spot of the main characters in each specific scene. They used a variety of colors and balances warm and cool settings to highlight emotional moments throughout the show
The costumes were pretty. The accessories added also helped. The makeup, their hair was appropriate for the show. It matched the genre of the play. The costume of the girls suited them. It somehow showed the character’s personality and distinct qualities. It goes well with the setting of the play, especially the pink and other vibrant colors used. “It is pink not just in the color of many of the clothes and stage effects. It is pink to the core of its little, tiny soul”. The sounds enhanced the atmosphere of the performance. It supported the action and interactions that were taking place on the stage. I can say that the musical background team executed their roles excellently as well as the choreography.
There is plenty to rave about when it comes to the marvelous quality of the production. The stage setup filled me with wonder because of the quick changes in the background and the setting of the stage to accompany the mood of the scene. The transitions of excitement to suspense to drama and to many other emotions is an excellent quality of the musical play for it sets the actors, actresses and background music together with the stage in a trance where the audience feels like they are included in the play. T he fast-paced scenes were extremely excellent, like the act in the first scene, from a house into a romantic dining restaurant.

To sum it up, as part of the audience that watched the musical play, I witnessed various techniques on how the production management team works, how a play is directed, how background music and setting transition is important and how precise the actions and movements of the actors and actresses are. This musical play is truly upbeat, energetic, stylish and full of spirit. It is astonishing and mesmerizing to watch because it is complete and perfect and performed with ease and devotion.

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