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The output signal generated by these sensors is a physical quantity thereby to convert this to useful form Analog to digital converter will be used. Through ADC sensors will be connected to the microcontroller. Where the collected data from the sensors will be used to automate the boiler. Continuous Monitoring of the collected data will occur through the microcontroller since the accumulated data is stored in the microcontroller’s memory. It is expected to collect data from the boiler for a time period of 2 weeks where the condition of the flue gas is recognized when the boiler is running at its optimum level. By using this data various threshold levels will be assigned for each sensor. If the data acquired by any of the sensor exceeds or goes below its preset threshold level which is setup according to the boiler specification to obtain efficiency of the boiler, it will be indicated automictically to the maintenance technicians through a display device(HMI) of PC in work place or through Web base application to the supervisors and engineers to their smart phone to monitor boiler condition and to make correct decision. It is expected to automate the boiler to make the corrective measures by itself by using the training data. Thereby the boiler will always be running under the optimum conditions.

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