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The present system of education of Pakistan is the heritage of the pre-partitioned British India. The system of education followed in colonial India was introduced by the British, primarily for turning out clerks and subordinates necessary for carrying on the administration of the country under the British masters in the colonial set up. The system of education was designed by Lord Maculae to produce “your most obedient servant”.
The cardinal principle of this system was to quote the words of Lord Maculae, “We want Indians in color but Englishmen in taste and aptitude.” At least that was the objective at the initial stage after replacement of Persian by English as the Court language in 1935. Aim gradually expanded after the establishment of the Calcutta University in 1958 and other Universities later on. The consensus of opinion has been that since the existing system was designed by the alien rulers to serve their own imperialistic ends, it can hardly be expected to cater for the requirements of an independent and democratic Islamic state. Thus, the existing system of education is not the result of a natural growth but was transplanted root and branch by foreign rulers, as we have already seen to serve their own purpose. It has outlined its utility and does not suit the genesis of Pakistan.Primary education covers the first five grades for age group 5-9. A primary school for a locality of 500 population is envisaged in different policies, however the target in practical has never been achieved so far.
Supervision of primary education rests with the provinces. The administrative models differed from province to province, however the lower echelons were same for all the provinces. With the devolution of power at district level, now the supervisory structure of primary education in each province is the same i.e. Executive District Officer is responsible to run the day to day affairs of the primary education with the assistance of his subordinates in a defined hierarchy.
The responsibilities of evaluating and promoting of students from class I to V still lies with the ADO. A student is certified to join 6th class in elementary or secondary if he qualifies the final examination at the end of 5th class.

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