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Therapeutic Communication
“At the core of nursing care are therapeutic interpersonal relationships based on caring, mutual respect, and dignity” (Jakubec & Astle, 2019, p. 272). Communication is an effective way to create mutual therapeutic relationships (Jakubec & Astle, 2019). To provide the best care it is essential for nurses to develop this skill (Jakubec & Astle, 2019). In regards to interpersonal communication, a nurse must form and build genuine relationships with her patients by being open, receptive, and attentive (Jakubec & Astle, 2019). As nurses, being authentic goes a long way in gaining the patient’s trust (Jakubec ; Astle, 2019). Doane and Varcoe (as cited in Jakubec ; Astle, 2015) stated “when a nurse has the initiative to be with another in an authentic way, she or he is able to respond to the other as they are in that moment”(p. 272). For the well-being of the patient, nurses and patients must have mutual respect to establish an authentic connection (Jakubec ; Astle, 2019). Despite encountering challenges when communicating, nurses are able to utilize their various interpersonal skills to serve and meet the patient needs (Doane ; Varcoe as cited in Jakubec ; Astle, 2015). For therapeutic communication to be effective, the patient and the nurse must be in a calm and comfortable environment (Arnold ; Baggs as cited in Jakubec ; Astle, 2015). Nurses understand that opinions and reactions can interfere with or blur the line of communication and create tension (Jakubec ; Astle, 2019). The slightest change in how nurses carry themselves, the tone of voice, words used, and facial expression have the ability to offend and cause pain (Jakubec ; Astle, 2019). Communication is a powerful tool that must be cherished. It should not be used to intimidate nor manipulate someone, to cause pain nor hurt them (Jakubec ; Astle, 2019). Nurses have immense potential in generating positive outcomes not only for themselves but for their co-workers and their patients by way of therapeutic communication (Jakubec ; Astle, 2019).

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