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What is a belief? “A belief is a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing” A religion or religious system is a dynamic, living reality. While it can be identified and studied through the characteristics such as ethics and sacral text. A dynamic religion is one which can be interpreted according to the needs of the times without losing the central ideas. Hinduism is one religion in which Is known for its relevancy even in todays society constantly changing, refining and adapting to changes. Where as many other religions averse to the changes, new ideas and interpretations. Doctrines are a necessary requirement in religion as their significance acts as a general guide hence unify the different communities which follow the religion. Furthermore, a critical segment of religion is response to and interaction with the supernatural or scared. Through the understanding of the key doctrines and ethics of the practical, as continued in the sacred text believers are able to give expression to their understanding of the divine. This element is ritualistic worship of religion. The believers of that religion, by partaking in rituals, teaching, and prayers give expression to and come to a greater understanding of this ultimate reality

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