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What is NAEYC and the Importance of NAEYC to Early Childhood

NAEYC is an association for education of young children from birth to eight years of age

that represents families of young children, teachers, and many other people involved in early

childhood education. The NAEYC is very important to early childhood education because it sets

certain standards and criteria for educational purposes for all early childhood environments. In

order for early childhood programs to be successful, the NAEYC is strong in the belief that

certain criteria and standards be met when teaching in the field of early childhood education.

Children should have a strong relationship with the people in their early childhood

environment so they feel secure and with that feeling children can reach their highest potential in

developing and learning. Also, it is important for teachers in early childhood education to

develop relationships with children’s families and their community. For the NAEYC, these

relationships are an important standard because without relationships families can’t put their trust

in teachers and in return teachers can’t communicate effectively about children to the parents.

NAEYC believes in high-quality learning and this starts with the teachers and how important it is

to have appropriate curriculum for children to learn. Children learn something new every day

from reaching a new developmental milestone, learning a shape, or recognizing a letter or

number. A curriculum that is well-planned supports the learning for young children in the areas

of social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive. Also, teachers should take in

consideration learning disabilities and other needs of the children when making a lesson plan.

Teachers play a major role in the early childhood environment. It is up to them to implement the

curriculum in an effective way so the children learn and grow from what is being taught.

Assessing the children is important because this helps the teacher know where a child stands and

what they may need help on. Teachers can use this information to communicate with parents and

set forth goals for each child. Maintaining a healthy and safe environment to promote learning is

important to the NAEYC. Children can’t grow in an unhealthy environment, so it is

important for teachers to promote hand washing because this is one of the ways that diseases

are spread and they should maintain a clean environment. Teachers should be certified in CPR

and first aid, know the procedures to follow if a child is sick and when to send them home,

and knowledge of preparing meals safely that meet nutritional standards. It is important to the

NAEYC that teaching staff have knowledge about children and how they develop because

without the proper education, continuing education, and teacher/staff training then the standards

would be pointless because the teachers or staff would not be able to provide high quality

education to the children. It is important to keep families involved with their child’s

education so they are aware of what is going on and can assist with any information that may

help the teachers or staff. I believe community relationships help to make a program better

because they have resources such as the library that children can access. Providing an indoor

and outdoor environment to promote a child’s physical growth is essential. This environment

must be healthy and safe for the children. Licensing, maintaining teacher/child ratio, and

health and safety are some of the polices and procedures that are important for management

to maintain a long-lasting program that meets standards.

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