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WhatsApp is the most successful social media application which enables communication between its users. WhatsApp’s name is derived from the phrase “what’s up”, which is commonly used as a way of greeting individuals in an informal setting. WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by two individuals who wanted to create a software program which enables socializing across the internet since there were not many options during that period of time. Afterwards, the whole company, WhatsApp Inc., was purchased for 19billion Dollars by Marc Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. The main feature of WhatsApp is its ability to have people interact between one another if both sides have an internet connection. Those interactions can be configured as it suits the user. For example, a user of WhatsApp can either text individuals or a large number of people put together in a single group in order to ease the process of communication. Additionally, WhatsApp allows the users to send a variety of different message types such as regular text messages, audio recordings, photos and videos, and even files and documents. Because it offers many features and its ease of use, WhatsApp has become the most used social media application. Statistics have shown that more than a billion users use WhatsApp across the globe. Furthermore, there are approximately 30 billion messages sent on a daily basis across all platforms such as Apple and Samsung products. To sum up, WhatsApp has emerged unto the social media industry, and it has quickly gained the support of many users worldwide.

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