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When planning an assessment, communication with learners and others is important, so that everyone related to the assessment is kept up to date of any related decisions. The assessor should communicate closely with the I.V, and other assessors to ensure that standards are met and maintained. It is also important to keep the learners up to date of any assessment plans that have changed or are outlined from the start, allowing for fair assessment.
A suitable location to hold sessions is also important; this can help the assessor in the creating of the assessment, i.e. is there a classroom free at the correct time, is there an adequate outdoor space or hall to hold practical activities and is the location easily accessible for all learners?
It is essential to consider resources, as they can help the assessor in meeting a range of assessment needs and methods. Do we have ICT facilities or have adequate sports equipment and apparatus also using maybe flip chart paper or using Power Point presentations.
The time period should be considered in regards to restrictions set by the learning facility and the learner, i.e. is the facility open and is the leaner available, It is important to understand fully the assessment requirements to allow time to set learners realistic and achievable deadlines this makes everybody involved aware of important timescales and dates.

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