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Why do you want this rank?:
I am applying for helper because I have been playing OpCraft for years and I’ve seen the server change in some good ways and some bad ways. And some of the bad things pushed me away from OpCraft but I kept coming back because the community was very friendly and staff were nice and listened to the players. I want to be apart of the staff team that other players look up to for help and advice on how to start and how to play. I will try to keep new players on the server as long as possible by creating a loving and inviting community for them. OpCraft has watched me grow from a 12-year-old boy that messed around a lot and being immature to a 14 year old kid being friendly to the community and individual players. I want to create that loving and welcoming environment that was there when I first joined the server. I want to keep the dedicated players online and maybe one day we can see them grow up into a helpful staff member or just a big person in the OpCraft community. I also want this rank because I just love helping people, like I mentioned in the “How do you think you can assist the server if you become this rank” part I’ve seen people get ignored or verbally abused in chat by staff members. As a helper, I will never ignore a player or ever be rude to a player because they do not know how to do something, I won’t push them away even if they were breaking the rules while asking for help (Chat Flooding, Spamming ETC.) They will still receive the appropriate punishment but I will still help them to the best of my ability. I also want to cut down on bullying on the server. I’ve seen many players quit the server because they were being bullied all the time in chat, on the forums, or on Teamspeak. As a helper, I will try to stop players from bullying others. I also want to grow my maturity, being a staff member on a server is a huge responsibility and I think it will help make me a better person in and a more helpful person overall.

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