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Women have already been participating in the labor force to satiate economic demands despite the disconfide stigma toward them. Seafaring, in particular, requires literal innate strength to perperuate the field. Because the large machineries that should be managed in order to operate properly, the disparaging steam from large turbines, so on so forth. These reasons doubt the capabilities toward women if they could be consistent when they choose to go through. This context connotates women are just suitable to do jobs that never recedes their capacity of doing and further loops to gender inequality.
Women are allowed to enter the jobs they aspire to pursue. Unfortunately, still few or so companies that hire are patriarchal which enunciates to men, superior to women. According to rasenfeld, Kalleberg (1991) there are certain factors as per why women are compensated lesser than men, these are because of sex detachments, labor’s capability, leftist parties strength, family polieres, labor necessities and the relative human capital level. As the gender gap’s prevalence lingens, seafaring in particular slakes a good example for this. On Beijing conference on women 1995 exploited that women worked overseas mostly were employed at catering service department rather than what women intended to apply for. Yet there are still organizations like lmo which goal is to flagship that women deserve to have high position on jobs because women can.
Therefore to sum up the context, women workplace recognition was still encumbering certain discriminations which further bring gender gap in existence. This resulted to deefer ceuse as to why women are obnoxious in fighting for their ovil rights certainly on job compensation and title because today there are few who still do prejudices when women tires to overpower men.

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